High Performance Magazines for the Tikka T3 Platform

The pursuit of Quality

We’ve been shooting for many years and have been designing and manufacturing accessories for firearms for the last four.

One constant problem we encountered was the availability of quality aftermarket magazines for the Tikka T3 factory bottom metals. We decided to manufacture our own, focusing on what we believed were the “must haves” of reliability, durability and the ability to accept extra-long loads for long range shooting.

Aesthetics were at the forefront of the design process as we wanted to deliver a product that complemented the factory T3 styling. We hope you like the end result as much as we do!

High Performance

  • Feeding

    Our magazines feed flawlessly. Metal feed lips hold the cartridge in exactly the right place time after time.

  • Load Length

    Longer heavier bullets are superior for long range shooting. Our magazine lets you load way beyond factory SAAMI specifications, out to 2.55 inches (65mm).

  • Capacity

    Whether you’re looking for just two or three back up shots, or a full ten round capacity we have a magazine to suit your mission.

  • Finish

    A hard anodized coating, impregnated with a PTFE lubricant gives a tough, resilient, non-glare finish. Available in black or natural colours.

  • Manufacture

    Aerospace Certified 6082 Aluminium is CNC machined on state of the art 5-Axis mills. Meticulous checks and tests ensure each and every magazine meets our exacting design tolerances.

  • Maintenance

    Our magazines require very little in the way of maintenance. When you do need to strip the magazine, the easy to remove hex bolts can be removed in seconds. A quick clean and re-lubrication and you’re back in action.

  • Calibres

    Currently available for the .223 and .308 family of cartridges.

  • Compatibility

    Works with your existing factory Tikka T3 or T3x bottom metal. No need for a costly conversion.

The Process

We take billets of 6082 Aerospace certified Aluminum and machine them for over two hours on state of the art 5-axis CNC mills. Each paired magazine is then inspected before being sent for finishing.

Next, we hard-anodize each magazine to military specifications to ensure the longest lasting finish in the harshest of environments. The last step in applying the surface coating is to impregnate it with a dry lubricant. The lubricant fills the microscopic voids left by the anodising process and contributes to the silky smooth operation of our magazines.

Finally the magazines are assembled with stainless steel fixings and springs along with synthetic anti-tilt followers. This combination gives very reliable, consistent feeding.

We assemble and test each and every magazine by hand, this takes time but we know it’s worth the effort!


Would you like to stock our products? How to become a dealer

How to become a dealer

We are actively seeking new dealers and distributors. If you are interested in stocking our range of aftermarket T3 Magazines then please contact us with your company details for further information.